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About the Bank

Bank Profile

Ohridska Banka was part of Société Générale Group in the period 2007 - 3rd November 2019.

From 4th November 2019, Ohridska Banka joined one of the most significant international banking institutions in the region of Southeast Europe- Sparkasse Group.

Ohridska Banka remains a stable stakeholder in the banking sector, a partner of the Macedonian economy and supporter of the business. Through its network of 27 branch offices, as well as the two business buildings in Skopje and Ohrid, respectively, the Bank fosters long-term banking relations with its clients, manifesting loyalty and commitment, and is as such recognizable on the market.

Ohridska Banka is a bank that successfully synchronizes the expertise of Sparkasse Group and the experience of its team in the country.

Awards and Recognitions

Ohridska banka holds national and international awards and recognitions.

Namely, in 2016, the Bank adorned itself with a triple crown awarded by the most significant international banking authorities, as the winner of three awards in the “2016 Bank of the Year” category according to “Global Finance”, “Euromoney”, and the “Banker”. In 2017, “Global Finance” and “Euromoney” again declared Ohridska banka  the “Bank of the Year” in Macedonia, while in 2018, it won the Global Finance’s “Bank of the Year 2018” Award in Macedonia.

Apart from the international awards, Ohridska Banka has been continuously winning awards and recognitions on the domestic scene as well, from a number of relevant national entities.

The Bank particulars

Name: Ohridska Banka AD Skopje

Corporate headquarters:

ul. Orce Nikolov br. 54, 1000 Skopje

Republic of North Macedonia

Phone: + 389 2 3167 600; Contact Centre: 02 15 050

Fax: +389 2 3117 164

e-mail: obinfo@ob.com.mk

Company registration number: 5004756

EDB (unique tax reference number): MK4020995106987

Giro account: 530000000000176




We listen, understand and help.

We pay attention to what our clients and colleagues say since we understand their needs. We share ideas and support their realization. We assist each other because we are pursuing the same goal. If the Bank in which we work is successful, we are successful as well. We communicate honestly and truly as we are focused on solutions and results.


We take responsibility for the development of the Bank and personal development.

We are primarily accountable for us and our future and then for our customers. We therefore take personal responsibility and show initiative for the customers because the Bank success and progress are at the same time our success and progress. Each our success is dedicated to our performance within the Bank. We are focused on effective and full completion of our work assignments. We foster the bigger picture and think of the Bank’s satisfaction in the long run. Responsibility is equally divided, and we deserve powers with our good results.


We keep the given word and build quality relationships.

We believe in our employees, their potentials and successes. We are focused on sustainable and long-term development, we accept possible mistakes, learn the lessons and do not repeat them. We build a trustful atmosphere because we trust each other. The Bank success is our common goal.


We promote a new and continuous improvement of our performance.

We recognize and value ideas and initiatives, and therefore we serve our customers in a simple and quality manner. We unite the new, creative ideas in business reality. With personal examples we encourage others in their work to maximize and fulfill their potential. We are proactive and motivated to work harder and better since our work is recognized and valued.


We create values for our customers, community, shareholders and ourselves.

We create values for ourselves, and this value can be measured not only by increasing number of satisfied and loyal clients but also employees in the Bank. We value our employees’ efforts and reward their results, because we believe that the endeavor pays off and leads to success. Our power is reflected in our knowledge and competences and our success in our clients.