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Student LOAN

Required documents
  • A fixed interest rate throughout the entire term of the loan, starting from 9%
  • Loan maximum up to MKD 300,000
  • Loan repayment term of up to 60 months (or 48 months without a grace period)
  • Grace period – 12 months
  • Currency: MKD
  • With or without insurance for the life of the loan
Detailed information

*The bank reserves the right to reach a decision to approve the loan and seek additional documentation and collaterals.

An annual insurance premium of 0.85% on the remaining loan principal balance 

    Risks covered:
  • Death as a consequence of an accident and/or illness
  • Total and permanent disability as a consequence of an accident or illness
  • Permanent and total loss of an ability as a consequence of illness or accident
  • Greater security
  • Protection of your family against loan burdens
  • A premium included in the monthly installment
  • An innovative service