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Mortgage loan

Required documents
  • Two options to choose from: an offer involving a three-year fixed interest rate and another one involving a variable interest rate throughout the entire term of the loan
  • For loans involving three-year fixed interest rates, the interest rate is fixed during the first three years, starting from 5 %
  • For loans involving variable interest rates throughout the entire term of the loan, the interest rate starts at 5.60 % + a six-month EURIBOR
  • Loan maximum up to EUR 50,000
  • Loan repayment term – up to 240 months
  • Currency: MKD, with foreign currency clause included
  • With or without insurance for the life of the loan
Detailed information
  • A copy of a valid ID card
  • A statement verifying the amount of your income
  • A statement verifying the amount of your income
  • Duly filled-in M1/M2 and PDD MP forms for the last three months – for persons employed in privately-owned firms
  • A bill of exchange and a promissory note
  • Proof of real estate ownership – a deed of title
  • A salary statement, an administrative ban and an administrative statement ban

* The bank reserves the right to reach a decision to approve the loan and seek additional documentation and collaterals