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  • Loan repayment term of up to 7 years
  • A 12-month grace period
  • Denar loans, loans in Denars including a foreign exchange clause, and foreign currency loans
  • An opportunity to repay the loan in equal monthly, quarterly and semestral annuities
  • The amount of the loan and the interest rate depend on the credit worthiness and solvency of the client, the quality and value of the offered collaterals, as well as the needs of the loan applicant.

Long-term loans in Denars

These loans are intended for financing capital investments in fixed assets and permanent current assets.

Interest rate

  • The interest rate ranges from 4.25 % to 9.60 % annually, and may be fixed and variable.

Long-term foreign currency loans

Loans designed for providing permanent funds, for financing permanent current assets, and for meeting obligations towards foreign partners.

Interest rate

  • The interest rate ranges from 4 % to 9.35 % annually, and may be fixed or variable.

Transfer of the loan funds to the user

  • To the transaction account of the legal entity, after the funds approved have been converted in line with the purchase exchange rate of Ohridska Banka valid on the day of granting the loan
  • For transfer abroad, upon a payment order by the loan user.

Method of payment of the obligations

  • In foreign currency, should these originate from inflows from non-residents
  • In Denars, calculated according to the sale exchange rate of Ohridska Banka

Compensation and collaterals

  • Commission fees depending on the loan terms agreed upon and the tariffs
  • Collateral security provided by means of the usual instruments: real estate mortgage, pledge of movable property, bank guarantee, etc.