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Deposits created specifically to address your business needs and possibilities.

All your monetary assets that you use in your everyday business operations and that are placed on your Denar and foreign currency accounts constitute demand deposits.
Ohridska Banka offers you competitive and flexible conditions for depositing your free monetary assets for a specific period of time – 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 and 60 months – as well as several types of deposit services tailored to your business needs and possibilities.

Fixed-term deposits

  • Fixed-term deposits in Denars
  • Fixed-term deposits in Denars, including a foreign exchange clause
  • Fixed-term foreign currency deposits

Earmarked deposits

  • Ohridska Banka offers you the possibility to deposit funds as earmarked deposits to provide collaterals, Denar or foreign currency credits, credit cards, letters of credit, etc.

Interest rates

  • You may obtain the necessary information regarding the depositing of your free monetary assets for a fixed period of time from the corporate relations officers in any of Ohridska Banka branch offices.

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