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The MOJA BANKA application turns your mobile phone into a virtual mobile branch office which you can use to maintain full control over your own finances in a fast, secure and easy fashion.


  • An insight into the status of your account, summary of transactions, payment cards, loans, deposits, and a fast and simple way of making payments anywhere and at any time.
  • A PIN code created for an easier and faster sign-in.
  • Ready-made templates for fast payment of your own bills, loan repayments, credit card and other types of payment.
  • Ready-made templates for fast payment of your utility bills (water supply and utility services, electricity, heating, telecommunication services, cable operators, etc.)
  • An option to adjust your card’s daily limits for payments at the points of sale and for money withdrawal at the ATMs.
  • Notifications about the transactions you have made – notifications about the inflows/outflows on your transaction account, and on the transactions made by your payment card.
  • Execution of payment orders through the standard PP30 and PP50 forms, with a possibility to choose from your own accounts (Moi Smetki).

  • Required documents
    • oAn ID card or a passport

The guidelines for the use of Moja Banka can be foundHERE 

The MOJA BANKA policy on the privacy and use of personal data can be found HERE

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