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OBSGN@t – Ohridska Banka Electronic Banking

Ohridska Banka Societe Generale offers you the OBSGN@t Electronic Banking – its virtual financial advisor that provides you with detailed records of the management of your personal finances, monitoring of the expenses and planning of the finances through setting of spending and saving goals.

Services offered through the OBSGN@t

  • A overview of the status of all your accounts and the turnover at a given period (transactions, savings, term deposits)
  • An insight into the status of and turnover on your credit cards
  • Printing of statements of accounts and credit card transactions
  • Purchase and sale of foreign exchange and insight into the exchange rate listings
  • Internal transfers such as:
  • An opportunity to pay Deposit Progress directly from your transaction account or savings account
  • Payment of credit card obligations at any time;
  • Payment of the utility bills to designated recipients
  • Payments via KIBS and MIPS to PP30 and PP50 orders;
  • Notifications on the status of payments
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