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Ohridska Banka AD Skopje buys and sells foreign currencies from and to domestic and foreign legal entities, respectively (foreign exchange market), in this offering the most favourable market conditions.

Types of market transactions

  • Spot foreign exchange trading
  • Forward exchange trading

* Registration for trading on the foreign exchange market can be made every workday in the period from 8:00 hrs until 16:00 hrs.

** Subject to trading can be the foreign currencies displayed on the announced exchange rate listing of the Bank.

The purchase and sale orders can be registered in the following ways:

  • In writing
  • Verbally
  • Electronically OBSGN@T

* The arranged transaction is confirmed by signing a specified document – a Conclusion Form.

Market transaction fees

Contact person:

Snezhana Taneska

tel: + 389 (0)46 201 677

e-mail: snezana.taneska@ob.com.mk

Viktor Vasileski

Тел: + 389 (0)46 201 679

e-mail: viktor.vasileski@ob.com.mk