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Cash Loan against a 100% Deposit

Cash loan with 100% deposit is a non-purpose loan, and you can apply if you have a deposit in Ohridska banka Societe Generale


  • A fixed interest rate throughout the entire loan repayment term, starting from 2.5 % + the deposit interest rate
  • Maximum amount of the loan: no limitations, 90-100 % of the value of your deposit, depending on the currency deposited
  • Loan repayment term of up to 120 months
  • Currency: MKD/MKD including a foreign currency clause

Required documents:

  • Copy of a valid ID card

Осигурување :

  • An insurance premium of 0.85% of the value of the loan, annually
  • Risks covered:
    • Death as a result of an accident and/or illness
    • Total and permanent disability as a result of an accident or illness
    • Permanent and total loss of ability as a result of an illness or accident
  • Advantages:
    • Greater security
    • Protection of your family against debt burdens
    • Premium included in the monthly rate
    • Innovative service

* The bank reserves the right to reach a decision on approving the loan, and to seek additional documentation and collaterals

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